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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Career Site's Traffic

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Job seekers can’t apply to your positions if they don’t know you’re hiring. By driving more traffic to your career site, you can spread the word about your available jobs.

The best way to get more candidates to your career site is by promoting and sharing it. When the right job seekers discover your career site, they will engage with your company and apply to your positions. Fortunately, promoting your career site doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Here are five easy ways to drive more job seekers to your career site:

Update Your Marketing Collateral

Marketing and advertising materials can be leveraged to promote not only your consumer brand, but also your employment brand. So as a first step, update your company’s current marketing and advertising materials so they mention your career site. For example, if your employees carry business cards, ensure that the next batch you print includes your career site’s web address. This way, employees can give these cards to job seekers they run into or friends they want to refer.

Believe it or not, including a link to your career site in event fliers, brochures and public presentations can help you drive more traffic as well. When someone is really interested in your business and impressed by your consumer brand, there’s an opportunity they will be interested in your employer brand too.

When incorporating career site links into your collateral, Be sure to position a short call-to-action statement right before the web address so that your audience understands what it is. You can write something as simple as, “Want to join our team? Visit” But don’t be afraid to get creative!

Update Your Online Profiles

Promoting your career site in your company’s social media profiles can be a great way to leverage your most loyal customers and fans. Start by placing the link to your career site in the biography section of your profile, and introduce it with a short paragraph or sentence to entice online users to click. Briefly explain your employee value proposition, mention a few main positions you’re hiring for, and/or invite job seekers to explore your positions. Here’s an excellent example from one of MaidPro’s social profiles:

Maidpro social media employment brand

Also consider sharing your new job postings on your timeline or social stream. This will help you drive traffic directly to your job postings, and will encourage your followers to share your jobs with people that they know would be a great fit.

Create New and Relevant Content

Continuously creating and publishing new content that relates to your employment brand is another effective way to drive more traffic. Photos, videos, and articles are popular types of employment content you can create, but there are many more to choose from. For more ideas and guidance on creating employment content, read So You Built Your Employment Brand, Now What?.

Whatever it is you choose to create, keep SEO best practices in mind and try to incorporate links to your career site. Once you create your content, publish it on the appropriate online platforms such as YouTube, Blogger, SlideShare, PR Newswire, etc. Posting employment content online will help job seekers find you in online searches. This content will also help them better understand your employment brand, which will encourage your ideal candidates to apply.

Promote Your Employment Brand

Once you’ve published various types of employment content, promote it whenever and Arizona Caregivers career sitewherever you can. Share your content on social media, and email it out to your Talent Community members. Boosting the visibility of your new content and employment brand will inevitably increase your career site's traffic.

But don’t forget to promote your employment brand offline, too! When you attend events like conferences or job fairs, share photos and/or videos of your employees and workplace. You can also incorporate these visual elements into your company’s brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, etc. If your employment brand content is mostly text-based pieces like articles and interviews, make a point to reference them in your conversations. If anyone expresses interest in what you’re referencing, tell them that they can read the full version online and provide them with the link.

Provide a Link in Your Job Postings

Multiple studies have shown that the majority of job seekers research a company’s employment brand before applying to its jobs. So every time you advertise a new job online, make sure that the job description includes a link to your career site. This way, job seekers who view your job postings know where they can go to learn more about your employment brand. Present your career site in a clear and compelling way to further entice job seekers to visit. For example, you might write: “Want to learn why you’ll love working for us? Click here to visit our career site!”

By capitalizing on more opportunities to share your career site and regularly promoting your employment brand, you can guide more job seekers to your career site and your jobs. And if your company’s career site is effective, many of these job seekers will turn into your candidates. Once you grow your candidate pool, finding the best new employees for your organization will be easier than ever before.

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