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Recruiting Analytics

Get the insights you need to maximize your results.

Measuring Your Recruiting Success

Easily assess your career site performance by measuring your traffic, understanding your sources and evaluating your candidates’ behaviors. This way, you can strategically make changes to improve your ROI and attract better talent.

Recruiting analytics dashboard found in the CRM
Mobile deviceSee which devices your candidates are using.
Line graphKnow how your actions affect visits.
NetworkDiscover where candidates come from.
Line graph

Know How your Actions Affect Visits

From longer-term SEO initiatives to seasonal ad campaigns, our reporting tells you if your employment marketing efforts are headed in the right direction.

Mobile device

See the Devices your Candidates are Using

Watch your mobile usage change over time so that you can gain insights into how and where your candidates are searching for jobs.


Discover Where Candidates Come From

View the top referring traffic sources for your career site to better understand your top candidate sources and assess your recruiting initiatives.

Advanced recruiting analytics available in the CRM software

Advanced Recruiting Analytics

Knowledge is power. Understanding who is visiting your career site and how they are interacting provides you with important insight that can help you focus on recruiting initiatives that drive the right results.

We’ll set you up with a robust real-time dashboard and email reports so you can keep track of the career site data that matters most.

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