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ATS Integration

Your career site and ATS can work together in harmony.

Example of a branded jobs list

Seamless, Automated Process Sites seamlessly integrate with your existing applicant tracking system by automatically pushing open requisitions to your career site and leading candidates back into your ATS.


Job Distribution Network

Each new opportunity is automatically pushed to the job section of your career site and distributed across multiple channels, which may include, Indeed, niche sites, social platforms and more.

Example of candidate experience across all devices

Better Candidate Experience

Finding the right job within an ATS can be an arduous process for candidates—especially from a mobile device. By integrating your ATS with a Site, you can provide better job displays and search tools for job seekers on a desktop or on-the-go.

Expand Your Search Visibility

ATS generated job listings are notoriously hard to find by search engines. By covering your ATS with a Site, you can benefit from search engine optimized URLs, page titles and tags that increase your search engine visibility and expand your talent reach.

Example of a search engine optimized job listing

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