Webinar Alert: You're Invited! How to Craft a Job Ad that Converts

Webinar Alert - Job Ad Best Practices

Competition for top talent is fierce, even in today's market. We know that job seekers are savvier, have higher expectations and are using more talent channels than ever to search for jobs. With all the noise and overwhelming to-do's, hiring managers often forget the crucial nuances which are essential to helping their positions stand out in an overcrowded space.

We will discover firsthand why your job ad matters. This session will also discuss key practices on how to craft a compelling and succinct pitch while seeing the SEO best practices for job ads and the science behind it. The heart & science of job ads!

Our goal from this session is to provide you with actionable tactics that make people want to press that button to your ads. When you write your next job description, we’d love for your prospective candidates to feel excited about working at your company.

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