6 Steps to Building Your Employee Value Proposition

6 Steps to Building Your Employee Value Proposition

A strategic employee value proposition (EVP) is proven to help organizations more successfully recruit and compete for top talent. In fact, according to Corporate Leadership Council, organizations with managed EVPs are able to effectively source from more than 60 percent of the labor market.

But that isn’t the only benefit that EVPs can provide. A strategic EVP can also help your organization recruit more passive candidates, better resonate with niche candidates, and refine your recruiting objectives. The council also reports that EVPs can boost new hire commitment by up to 29 percent—allowing you to improve your quality of hire and reduce employee turnover as well.

So if you want to substantially improve your recruiting results and gain a competitive edge, start by determining your organization’s unique employee value proposition.

What is an EVP, and how do I create one?

Your EVP is the value that employees gain in return for working at your organization. This can include rewards, benefits or opportunities like work-life balance or professional development. Your EVP is key for communicating your "offer" to job seekers, and it is critical for attracting the candidates you need.

Fortunately, creating an EVP doesn’t need to be difficult—especially if you follow our simple process. If you want to easily identify your organization’s EVP, download our free white paper: 6 Steps to Building an Employee Value Proposition.

Download our free white paper, and you will discover:

  1. More benefits to building a strategic EVP
  2. How to determine your organization's unique employment offerings
  3. How to establish an accurate and effective EVP statement
  4. Examples of effective EVP statements
  5. How to execute and strengthen your EVP over time

Attract the right talent, recruit more candidates, and re-inspire your current employees with an effective EVP. Read 6 Steps to Building an Employee Value Proposition to find out how.

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