The Quick & Easy Guide for Employment Branding Photography

The Quick & Easy Guide for Employment Branding Photography

Visual content is powerful—especially when it comes to attracting job seekers. Sharing photos of your work environment online is an excellent way to engage more candidates and leave a lasting impression on them.

Although taking your own company pictures sounds intimidating, it’s not as challenging as you might think. If you follow the key steps and best practices outlined below, you and anyone else on your team can capture high-quality photos of your workplace.

Take Pictures With a Purpose

The first and most important step is to identify what type of pictures you need. This will help your photoshoots run more smoothly and will ensure that the photos you take really do strengthen your employment brand.

To determine what pictures you need, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What company or employee photos do we already have?
  2. What content on our career site needs visual support?
  3. How can we showcase a “day-in-the-life” at our organization?
  4. What are the most attractive aspects of our workplace?
  5. What images will compel our target candidates to want to work here?

Source: Gunnison Valley Health career site

As you answer these questions, create a list of what you will need to capture or portray in your photos. Some general examples of great company photography include:

  1. Employees in various departments or roles (e.g. nurses, physicians and therapists)
  2. Employees completing critical work tasks (e.g. teaching, greeting customers)
  3. Employees interacting with clients, patients, leadership, or co-workers
  4. Employees exhibiting specific company values (e.g. innovation, work ethic)
  5. Workplace features or amenities (e.g. building entrance, on-site gym)
  6. Nearby attractions (e.g. national parks, popular restaurants)

Source: CHOMP career site

Select The Right Employees

To ensure your photos positively represent your employment brand and resonate with the right candidates, it’s important that you choose the right employees. So before you start taking photos, decide which employees to feature in them.

To select the best models, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who best fits our company culture?
  • Who best represents our target candidates?
  • Who has a great employment story to tell?
  • Who is most likely to be working at our company in two or more years?

Prepare Your Selected Team Members

Once you’ve decided who you want to feature in your photos, let them know! Explain why you selected them to represent your company and invite them to participate. Once they agree to be in the photos, ask them to sign a release form. If you don’t have a standard release form that you use internally, you can download our free template.

Source: Highline Public Schools career site

You will also need to ask your selected team members when they will be available for a photoshoot. If they don’t have any availability for a photoshoot, ask if you can take pictures of them doing interesting work tasks or interacting with others during a normal work day. And of course, if you want to take any group shots of your employees, find out if there's a time when they will all be available.

The day before your photoshoots, send your employees a reminder so that they can come prepared to look their best. Ensuring that their physical appearance is on point wil also boost their confidence and comfort level during the photoshoot.

Declutter Your Workspace

Your employment photos will showcase your work environment as much as they do your employees. So prior to your photoshoots, ensure your workspace is as appealing as possible. You don’t need to deep clean or make it spotless, but decluttering desks and organizing work supplies will make your photos much more attractive.

Career Site Photography Best Practices

Once you are ready to start taking pictures, keep these tips in mind to ensure your photos are as high-quality as possible:

  1. Find the best lighting. For best results, take photos in rooms with the most natural lighting. If you must use artificial lighting, make sure your subject is evenly lit (e.g. eliminate shadows). If the lighting in your photos is dark or uneven, you can use a white poster board or foamcore to reflect and enhance the light.
  2. Choose a focal point. Photos that feature various people and/or details aren’t as powerful, so take photos that focus on either one or two subjects. Also ensure that there are no distracting items or unwanted reflections in your shot.
  3. Take candid photos. You can stage the layout of your shots, but avoid staging your employees’ expressions or interactions. Instead, take dozens of images of your team members naturally talking, laughing and working. You can identify which ones are the most genuine and crisp later.
  4. Use different perspectives. Consider getting up high or crouching down low so that you can vary the angles in your photos. Be sure to take both vertical and horizontal pictures too.

Source: Hotel Valley Ho career site

Source: City of Delaware Ohio career site

Smartphone Photography Tips

You don’t need a DSLR camera or expensive equipment to take great employment photos for your career site. Here’s how you can capture high-quality images with your smartphone:

  1. Clean the lens. Dirt, dust and oil can ruin the quality of your shots, so clean your smartphone lens with a microfiber cloth and water before you start shooting.
  2. Turn on Grid in your camera settings. According to the rule of thirds, your photo will be more balanced if you place the most interesting elements where the gridlines intersect.
  3. Avoid zooming in. Use your phone’s zoom feature can compromise the quality of your photo, so move closer to your subject or crop the photo later instead.
  4. Turn off your flash. When you take smartphone photos with the flash on, your images can get overexposed and color-warped. Use lamps or light reflectors instead.
  5. Download a photo editing app. Enhance your images with effective and easy-to-use photo editing apps like Snapseed (free and highly rated for both Android and iPhone users).

Source: Shamrock Foods career site

Store and Share Your Photography

After you’ve taken your photos, be sure to store your images somewhere online so that you can save and share them. There are several ways you can store your photos, but Flickr and DropBox are two trustworthy and popular options. Both of these tools allow you to easily upload, organize and share photos to an online account that’s accessible from any device.

Once your employment brand photos are safely stored on your computer, upload and share them on your social media accounts. Replace any stock or outdated images on your career site with your new ones to showcase imagery that's more relevant and impactful. Also consider using your employment brand photos in other recruiting collateral, such as flyers or jobs fair banners.

And there you have it! Now, along with telling online job seekers why they should work for you, you can show them. This will ultimately boost your apply rates and help you attract even some of the best candidates out there today.

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