3 Tips for a Standout Twitter Bio

3 Tips for a Standout Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is prime real estate for selling yourself to new followers. What you decide to say in the 160-character blurb could be the difference between followers who pay no attention and those who click every link you tweet their way. Here are three tips for revamping for your Twitter bio into something that screams “follow me!”

1. Share your expertise.

Twitter is a place to share your interests and provide expertise advice. It’s also a search tool, so be aware of your industry’s keywords and use descriptives when possible. You only have 160 characters, so make sure you use them to their potential.

2. Show off your work.

Don’t be afraid to brag, but do it a tasteful way. Provide a link to your blog, portfolio or LinkedIn projects. It will not only add credibility, but could also help start a conversation.

3. Be personal and unique.

You don’t have to sound totally serious. Add fun tidbits about your life. List your hobbies, say you’re a mom to two monsters, let people know you’re a yoga fanatic-- whatever makes you relatable. Being personable is critical to social networking.

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