World's Toughest Job: How to Shift Perspective in Your Job Ads

World's Toughest Job: How to Shift Perspective in Your Job Ads

Would you ever consider taking a job that requires more than 135 hours a week? One that asks you to juggle multiple tasks, to forget about breaks and to increase your workload during the holidays?

Before you say no, consider this: billions of people already hold this position. It’s called motherhood.

For this year’s Mother Day campaign, American Greetings and Cardstore teamed up to release a reality prank video titled, “World’s Toughest Job.” In it, they highlight the worst and most challenging aspects of a truly rewarding job, one which millions of people love to hold.

What You Can Takeaway

While the intentions were to shock applicants (and viewers) with a drastic job description, the video makes a good point for positioning your own job ads: By shifting the focus from mundane, everyday tasks to the overall impact of a role, viewers and readers suddenly alter their own mindset too.

The way we see it is that you have two options. You can list the day-to-day responsibilities (which tend to be dry and boring), or you can inspire readers by providing the overall impact they can have on the company. We suggest the latter.

How to Put It Into Play

Whenever you’re drafting your next job ad, try a new perspective. Ask yourself different questions to discover the selling point of your role:

Instead of listing what the role does... Tell the candidate why the role matters. Maybe it’s because he or she will be supporting clients’ livelihood, or supporting her fellow co workers.

Instead of listing responsibilities... Explain the impact of the position. This helps communicate what kind of skill set you need in an inspiring way.

Instead of listing qualifications... Communicate what your candidate is passionate about. Doing so will help list basic requirements without sounding so methodical.

Change the Perspective

Now, ask yourself: Would you take a job that asked you to to explore the world with a person who is passionate about everything? One that allows you to spend time with someone you love most in the world, and who gives you rewards with hugs and kisses? We bet you can’t say no. Because it’s all about perspective.

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