How to Write Effective Job Postings: Job Titles

How to Write Effective Job Postings: Job Titles

When a job seeker first conducts a job search, position titles are the first thing he or she sees. By paying close attention to how you name your job titles, you can engage more candidates from the very start.

Be Clear and Concise

While catchy titles can help garner attention, don’t choose something so abstract that your positions are puzzling to job seekers. Job titles shouldn't lead someone to think “I have no idea what this job is about.” Instead, they should clearly communicate the scope the of the position so job seekers can easily identify whether or not it’s the role they’re seeking.

  • Ineffective: Become a Guru!
  • Effective: Research Associate
  • Ineffective: Do you want to lead?
  • Effective: Manager Trainee

Use an Appropriate and Appealing Job Title

You should choose a title that truthfully represents what the job scope is, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be conventional. Instead, entice candidates with engaging descriptors.

  • Ineffective: Copywriter
  • Effective: Creative Content Generator
  • Ineffective: Sales Rep
  • Effective: Dynamic Sales Professional

Identify Special Skills or Niche Positions

If the position requires a particular type of industry experience, or if the posting is for a niche position, clarify this in the job title.

  • Ineffective: Baker
  • Effective: Wedding Cake Pastry Chef
  • Ineffective: Lawyer
  • Effective: Criminal Defense Attorney

Don’t Use Shortcuts

Avoid using acronyms or abbreviations in job titles. Instead, use appropriate spelling and grammar to optimize search visibility.

  • Ineffective: CSR
  • Effective:
  • Ineffective: Sr. Account Mgr.
  • Effective: Senior Account Manager

Avoid Keyword Overload

While keywords are great for effectively writing job titles, it can be easy to get too carried away. Avoid using too many keywords in a job title by limiting the length to five words or less.

  • Ineffective: Java, C#, SAP, Visual Basic 6, T-SQL, ASP, XM:, Software Engineer
  • Effective: Experienced Software Engineer

Mention Special Schedules

If the job is a part-time position, make sure you include that in the job title. Doing so will increase the chances that the position appears in searches for part-time jobs and will attract more clicks from job seekers that are primarily seeking part-time employment.

By paying close attention to your job titles, you can start engaging candidates from the moment they see your posting. This will motivate more job seekers to view your job posting and, if they are the right candidate, apply to the position.

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