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4 Tips for Planning an Effective Recruiting Video

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Imagine yourself as one of your prospective candidates. You’ve just arrived at your organization’s career site and start clicking around.

You scan through a few pages of content, read about a job, and perhaps check out a picture or two of your offices. But.. you still have questions.

What is it like to work there? What does the team look like? How do they work together?

These are the questions your best prospects are asking. If your career site doesn’t provide the answers, you could lose them before they even apply.

So how can you easily and directly answer these questions on your career site?

Start using video.

Video allows employers like you to differentiate from the competition; show prospects what it’s like to work for their company; and effectively attract candidates who align with their culture. Plus, incorporating video into your career site or within your job postings can help boost your visibility in search engine results.

The best news? Creating an employment video doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes a bit of preparation and access to the right tools.

To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of tips for planning your most effective employment video.

1. Choose the overall goal

First and foremost, decide what you’re trying to accomplish with the video. Do you want to show your company culture? Are you trying to attract a certain demographic? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you keep the overall objective in mind.

2. Know who you’re trying to speak to

An effective employment video doesn’t speak to everyone. Instead, it’s strategically crafted to speak to a certain candidate audience. To keep your targets fresh in mind, assign personas to describe each audience’s unique needs.

Here’s an example: If you’re looking to attract experienced, fast-shipping developers, you could use the persona “Developer Dan” as a reminder of who you’re trying to reach.

3. Layout a compelling story

Forget the usual themes of benefits, office tours and corporate messages from your leadership team. Instead, focus on telling a compelling story. Use your best employee cases to illustrate the amazing opportunities your company provides. Also, let those employees tell the story in their own words. Doing so will help evoke emotions in your prospects and encourage them to apply.

4. Be clear and concise

To prevent viewer drop off, make sure your videos are succinct and to the point. Avoid fact stuffing and try to focus on one subject, theme or goal to ensure your video is only around a minute or two long.

Now that your foundation is set, it’s time to start filming.

If your organization doesn’t have a camera or editing software, you could use a smartphone or try asking around the office. You may be surprised to find someone who has the tools and wants to help. If you’d rather leave the work to the pros, consider leveraging over a decade of experience in employment video.

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