3 Tips for Writing a Better Job Posting Title

3 Tips for Writing a Better Job Posting Title

The right job posting title can make a difference not only in whether a candidate clicks on your job in search results, but also whether your job shows up in their search results at all. Want to get the best results? Here are a few tips for writing a better job posting title:

1. Focus on what the job does or what it offers

Instead of writing a “Customer Service” job posting that may get lost in the crowd of similarly or identically named job postings, take the title a step further and advertise what the job actually does, requires or offers. Is the position really a “Bilingual Customer Service” job? Or is more of “eCommerce and Online Support”? Or maybe it’s more accurately “Part Time Customer Service with Full Time Benefits”? Each of these jobs will better target and attract the types of candidates you are really looking to hire.

2. Keep it simple and expected

While “Custodial Arts” may sound more intriguing than writing a typical “Janitor” job posting, the title may not resonate with candidates. They are more likely to search by the job title most commonly used and they may not even realize that your job is the very one they are looking for, but in disguise!

3. Leave the internal jargon at the door

It may help you to identify which position a candidate applied for when the posting title says “PCT FT Days - Job #: 031399”, but it’s probably not helping attract the right job seekers. Believe it or not, jobs remarkably similar to that one get posted every day to corporate career sites and job boards alike. Remember that when you post a job for candidates on the web, you are running a job advertisement. So make sure the title reads like one. Forget the acronyms and leave out the requisition numbers; save your job posting title space for words that will help you attract the best talent for the role.

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