3 Signs your ATS Stinks

3 Signs your ATS Stinks

Today, most midsize and large companies depend on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automate their recruiting process while managing workflow. While the benefits of an ATS are obvious, the reality is they are not all created equal.

If you feel like yours is not living up to its expectations, you could be right. Here are three surefire signs it may be time to dump your old ATS and start anew.

1. It sends your applicants on a wild goose chase.

If your prospective candidates have to fight through a labyrinth of complicated processes just to find the job that’s right for them, there’s a good chance they'll give up before handing out any of their information. If your ATS doesn’t appreciate a simple-to-use interface and candidate experience, it’s probably time to find a new one.

Tip: Consider covering your ATS with a career site to control the candidate experience. With a career site, you can create a page dedicated to listing all of your open positions. That way job seekers can quickly scan for the job they’re looking for.

2. There is no way to track social initiatives.

Today, recruiters are constantly trying to find ways to maximize their use of social recruiting. But without a way to track which sources each candidate came from, all the Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn connections recruiters send out are basically worth zilch. Ideally, the best ATS would aggregate all of this information into organized reports where you can quickly see your results. If your ATS doesn’t, it may be the right time to upgrade.

Tip: Look into facilitating a Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) instead or in addition to your ATS. A CRM should allow you to assign details (i.e, the source from where they came) to each prospective candidate while organizing that information into an easy-to-read dashboard. This feature allows recruiters to quickly identify what social sources are the most successful and allocate their resources appropriately.

3. There is no platform for communication.

Using email to pass on candidate information to your fellow recruiters or hiring managers can quickly turn into a mess. Your emails could get lost among the sea of others. And before you know it a month has gone by with no response. A high performing ATS should allow you to centralize communication within the platform in order to stay connected and on track with your fellow colleagues.

Tip: A CRM is also a good tool for consolidating communication. Our Recruiting.com CRM allows recruiters to pass on any information their team members may need—from resumes and cover letters to interview dates and candidate notes. All within the platform and without the fear of losing them to the black hole.

Shape Up or Ship Out

Just like a mediocre relationship, your ATS could be hindering your success rather than boosting it. Don’t be blinded by the fear of change. Measure your ATS’s benefits with an open eye. You may be surprised by what it’s not delivering.

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