10 Guidelines for Behaving on Twitter

10 Guidelines for Behaving on Twitter

When engaged in a conversation, most people are mindful of exercising their manners and following proper etiquette. Listening attentively, using good posture and restraining from indecent language are all common guidelines when participating in dialogue. And just like a traditional conversation, Twitter discussions require a proper decorum as well. Here are 10 guidelines to avoid offending your followers.

1. Don’t use all of your 140 characters.

A tweet can be as long as 140 characters of text, but if you want people to retweet you (and hopefully the jobs you’re sharing), make sure you leave enough room for others to add their thoughts and your twitter handle. You do want credit, right? A good rule of thumb is to keep tweets at or under 120 characters.

2. Be conservative with hashtags.

#Using #more than #three #hashtags can become #annoying. It comes off as spamming, and tweeters are never a fan of that.

3. Report spam if you find it.

If and when you come across spammers, make sure you report it. The less spam accounts that exist on Twitter, the better it will be for everyone.

4. Don’t aim for followers, aim for engagement.

A lot of tweeters only aim to build their following, but if you’re more concerned with engaging your current network, a robust collection will naturally follow. Ask questions, give your opinion and retweet often. Extending your network means reaching more potential candidates.

5. You don’t have to follow back.

Many users feel pressured to follow every new follower back. Make sure you review every user’s profile to determine If their tweets are valuable to you before pushing “follow.” This goes both ways, so you shouldn’t feel hurt if someone doesn’t follow you back either.

6. Offer valuable information.

Fellow users in your community are looking for advice and others’ expertise. Make sure every time you tweet, it’s something people won’t regret reading. Most people aren’t interested to know what latte your drinking or if you missed your flight, so make sure to keep those things out of your feed. Instead, offer insight into your recruiting best practices by sharing articles, tips and thoughts.

7. Don’t take credit for someone else’s tweet.

If it wasn’t your original thought, make sure you reference (mention [@]) to whose it was. That means adding users’ handles when you retweet them.

8. Be positive.

If you’re building your brand as a recruiter, always stay positive and upbeat when tweeting. No one likes a negative nelly and not many people care for complaining. You’ll find that people appreciate a positive force on Twitter.

9. Thank people.

If other users mention you in a tweet or retweet something of yours, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate it. Expanding your reach via interaction is a huge contributor to your following, so thank people when they chip in.

10. Don’t front.

If there is one thing tweeters are quick to pick up on, it’s a lack in authenticity. Just be you. The unique value you bring to the community is what fellow users, including potential candidates, will enjoy, so don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

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