Public Healthcare Provider Shares Unique Employee Value Proposition

With a team of almost 11,000 professionals working throughout the U.S. and Australia, Correct Care Solutions (CCS) is an international leader in public healthcare. CCS offers a variety of healthcare services, including correctional healthcare.

Recruiting for correctional healthcare jobs is very challenging, especially because unemployment rates are currently low and the competition for healthcare talent is already fierce. Additionally, many healthcare professionals aren’t aware that these type of careers offer extraordinary benefits. In an effort to educate and hire its target candidates, CCS uses a hands-on approach when recruiting new employees. The recruiters at CCS often attend job fairs and other public events to explain their niche industry to others. Scott Pustizzi, Vice President of Human Resources, also implements initiatives to generate brand and industry awareness online.

In order to recruit more online job seekers, Pustizzi focused on generating more online brand awareness for Correct Care Solutions’ candidates. Pustizzi knew that if he made the career site more discoverable and engaging, more job seekers would find and learn about Correct Care Solutions’ niche industry. He also understood that a more engaging career site could entice quality candidates to apply to his organization’s jobs.

Once Pustizzi decided to update the CCS career site, he contacted–a long-time, trusted recruiting partner. He knew that possessed the tools and skills required to build a successful, state-of-the-art career site for CCS.

“Educating potential applicants on a career in public or correctional healthcare is the primary objective for the career site. Telling our story and value proposition in a clear and concise manner is also important for CCS. has been a valuable partner in conveying these key messages.”

Scott Pustizzi, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Here are some of the changes that helped make the transition effective:

Educating Healthcare Job Seekers

The initial CCS career site offered minimal details about what it’s like to work in correctional healthcare, which prevented site visitors from understanding and pursuing it. To ensure this would no longer be the case, intertwined key facts about correctional healthcare careers throughout every page on the site.

For example, the career site informs visitors that correctional facilities are actually much more controlled and secure than a typical emergency room setting. also incorporated pictures and videos throughout the site so job seekers could experience the actual correctional healthcare work environment.

“It was important for us to tell our story because not everyone understands what it means to have a career in our type of environment. Creating a career site helped us tell that story and get people interested in careers in our industry.”

Scott Pustizzi, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Displaying Key Differentiators

Because Correct Care Solutions operates in a unique branch of healthcare, it offers certain benefits that most healthcare employers don’t or can’t offer. “Our unique differentiator as an employer is that we give healthcare professionals an opportunity to be a public servant, to serve the underserved,” Pustizzi explained to He also mentioned that employees at CCS experience more autonomy and patient time than a typical hospital employee does. included these compelling details on the career site to help CCS win over more quality job seekers.

Why it worked: By highlighting these unique offerings on the career site, job seekers can understand why CCS could be a better employer for them than a traditional hospital or private practice. This enables Correct Care Solutions to engage candidates and better compete for top talent. As a result, Correct Care Solutions is receiving more resumes from job seekers who are more likely to thrive in a correctional healthcare environment. “We are further educating people about careers in our industry, and that is encouraging more quality candidates to apply,” Pustizzi explains.

Driving Career Site Traffic

Without site visitors, the new career site can’t generate more industry awareness or job applicants for CCS. For that reason, driving traffic to the new CCS career site is essential. So while building the career site, leveraged SEO best practices like keyword-targeted headlines and alt tags to make the site more discoverable online. The career site is also optimized for the mobile experience so that job seekers can easily find and engage with it no matter what device they are on.

Why it worked: Now the CCS career site ranks better in search engines, and as a result, organic traffic has increased by 93 percent in the past year. Approximately three out of every four site visitors are also first-time visitors, meaning that thousands of new people are learning about Correct Care Solutions’ employment brand and niche industry every month. More than a third of these visitors are coming from mobile devices—proving that thousands of mobile job seekers are also finding and interacting with the new career site.

“Our career site not only educates and informs our visitors about who we are, but it is optimized for search engines and it really draws in people from various stages of their job search, no matter whether they’re on a desktop or mobile device.”

Scott Pustizzi, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Now that the new career site clearly communicates what correctional healthcare is and what it offers, more job seekers are understanding why they should consider working in this specific branch of healthcare. Career site visitors are also engaging with the Correct Care Solutions employment brand and learning about the company’s unique offerings, which is compelling the right candidates to apply. Perhaps the best part is that the career site is live 24/7, which means it will generate more awareness for Correct Care Solutions’ niche industry and jobs with each new day.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out the career site for Correct Care Solutions.

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