David Harden





David Harden serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Recruiting.com. David is a fierce advocate of helping clients utilize recruitment technology and share their unique employment brands to connect with great candidates.

David previously held the position of Vice President of Operations and Client Success where he played an integral role in the company’s strategic planning, product development and channel marketing efforts while also leading the creative, implementation, and service teams.

David’s commitment to client relationships, his team, recruiting technology and employment branding has helped Recruiting.com become a leading provider of career sites to companies of all sizes and across a large breadth of industries.

David is an avid learner and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Arizona and an Executive MBA from Arizona State University. In his free time Dave loves spending time with his beautiful wife Lauren, daughter Allie, his American Bulldog Olive and martian dog Theo, as well as taking photos of all things Arizona.

Length of Service

13 years

First Job Mowing lawns

Love About Work I love that I work with bright, creative, energetic, innovative and fun people. Furthermore I love that I am part of a company that is focused on growth and focused on delivering world-class products to our clients.

Early Adopter of Digital Photography. My friends all said it's just not the same as film man...