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At, we believe that while recruiting is a “people game,” today’s Internet technologies can have a dramatic impact on the recruiting process and an organization’s success. We’re more dedicated than ever to to helping companies find great talent by building the world’s best career sites.

We welcome partnerships with organizations who share this vision.

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Increase customer
lifetime value

Recurring revenue model creates stickiness of client base

Increase customer
average spend

Expands wallet share, raises switching costs, and boosts loyalty

Increase product value
and ROI for customers

Elevates the level of conversations, as the main partner for recruiting efforts

Marketing Agency Partner

I want to offer world class employment branding and effective recruitment technology solutions to my clients by combining my marketing services with products.

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Reseller Partner

I want to resell products and services to increase my profitability and give me a competitive edge.

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Integration & Referral Partners

I want to integrate with and provide a more comprehensive solution for my customers.

Referral & Affinity Partners

I am an HR Consultant who has clients that would benefit from products, services, and support.

Franchise Partner

I operate a franchise and need an effective career site solution and advanced recruitment tools for my franchisees.

Don’t fit into any of these programs? Contact us at and share why your product and/or service is a good fit.

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We help our clients transform their recruiting process through our service and integration partners. Not sure which provider is a good fit for your needs? Email our Partnerships manager at for a personal consult.

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