How to Write a More Effective Job Posting

How to Write a More Effective Job Posting

Your job postings have a major impact on whether or not job seekers apply.

According to Appcast, job postings that are too long or short experience click-to-apply rates that are five times less than those that are the right length.

And the length of your job postings is only one critical factor to their success. According to ERE Media, you will drive away top applicants if you make these errors in your job postings:

  1. Omitting key search terms
  2. Including dealbreakers or turnoff factors
  3. Writing a weak or boring description
  4. Not selling the opportunity
  5. Failing to meet the “new job attraction factors”
  6. Including bias or inappropriate words

Based on this criteria, most corporate job post descriptions receive a D or an F.

Fortunately for you, there is a bright side.

If you take control of your job postings and ensure they are as effective as possible, yours will outshine all of the others. As a result, more job seekers will apply to your positions and develop a stronger desire to work for you. To learn how to make your job postings more effective, download our free white paper.

This white paper will help you and your talent acquisition team take a deep dive into your job postings and make them more effective than ever.

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