Diversity Hiring and Mobile: Are You Missing the Mark?

Diversity Hiring and Mobile: Are You Missing the Mark?

To remain competitive in the marketplace, implementing a diversity hiring strategy is a must. Whether you’re seeking bilingual candidates to better serve your clientele or simply looking to amp up your diversity recruiting initiatives, companies with a well-rounded staff are more likely to succeed. According to reports by McKinsey, racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35 percent. As employers search high, low and everywhere in between for the perfect hire, many are missing the mark on a growing candidate demographic.

The Hispanic population, which Pew Research states reached a new high of 55.4 million last year, is diversifying the talent pool. At nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. population, it’s plain to see why marketing to this group of prospects should be an immediate priority for every employer. Don’t miss out on this valuable source of talent, here’s what you need to know about this growing demographic.

Where They Aren’t

In front of a computer screen. This diverse group is on the move, browsing and streaming data on their smartphones even more than non-hispanic counterparts. Census data reveals Hispanics are far less likely to access the internet from a desktop than a mobile device. Optimizing your site for mobile is only the first step in attracting this segment of candidates to your career site. If you’re hoping to truly engage with this demographic, a personalized, user-friendly experience is a must. Enhance the mobile experience by incorporating content that tells your brand story upfront. Keep their attention with straightforward copy coupled with user friendly site navigation. And, don’t forget to offer easy-apply options that give candidates the opportunity to apply on-the-go.

Where They Are

Everywhere and anywhere social. Considering that 71 percent of adult Hispanics use social, according to MarketingProfs, a strong social media strategy should be a significant component of your employment marketing plan. To gain attention from this sought-after demographic, create an unmatched social experience. Hispanic-Americans average 1.6 online actions—e.g., sharing brands' content on social media—compared with 1.3 for the rest of the population. So, give them something worth sharing. Lure them to your social media sites by showcasing your amazing company culture with images that depict a-day-in-the-life at your organization. Utilize facebook tabs to enable quick job search while on your company page.

What They Want

A well-rounded mobile experience. This segment is hungry for video content and devotes nearly 30 percent of its online time to watching videos, streaming twice as much video as non-Hispanics, reports Nielsen. Create and promote videos that tell your company’s story. Highlight the people, the environment and the company values that make your workplace the obvious choice. Encourage prospective Hispanic candidates to visualize working with you by showcasing your diverse workforce and how they too can be a great fit to your organization.

Much of today’s workforce either has or plans to incorporate a clear diversity recruiting strategy. Still, many companies fail to speak to their desired candidate audience. To remain competitive, recruiting from a larger, more diverse candidate pool increases your chances of attracting the best talent. As an added bonus, diversifying your company culture creates a world of opportunities for attracting a well-rounded portfolio of customers and clients.

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