4 Ways to Improve your Facebook Posts and Likes

4 Ways to Improve your Facebook Posts and Likes

It’s early Monday morning, and you’ve just started your to-do list.

Your first task is posting the latest job opportunity to your company’s Facebook page. You start the post by adding a link to the job and tagging on a compelling teaser. You even decide to finish with a clear call to action. Everything appears to be in order.

You hit publish, sit back and patiently wait for some fan interaction. You’re hoping for a few shares, maybe a comment or two. But no one seems to bite. You can’t even manage a single like.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re not alone. In fact, finding ways to grow fan interaction is one of the most common challenges brands face on Facebook.

That’s because the reality is there isn’t an instant solution. It takes time, persistence and a steady flow of good content to create a community of fans who interact with your posts.

That’s not to say you can’t start increasing your fans’ actions today. Au contraire! There are actually several strategies for making a Facebook post more sultry to your fans.

1. Regularly publish content (not just jobs)

In order to get in front of your network’s eyes, you need to provide them with content that interests them. And you need to provide it on a regular basis. Set aside at least one hour a week to plan your Facebook content. Topics like company news, employee stories, work events or job seeker tips will catch the interest of your fans (and prospective candidates) while securing a spot in their news feeds.

2. Write shorter posts

Facebook users enjoy concise posts that get to the point. Statistics show that posts between 100-250 characters receive 60 percent more engagement than posts that are longer. You don’t actually have to count each word of your post, just try to stay around one or two sentences at most.

3. Include a visual

People enjoy simulating content. Especially when it’s in the form of photos, videos and graphics. If you’re posting a job, consider including a video overview of the position or a photo that represents the role.

4. Post during optimum times

Use your Facebook insights to determine when your fans are the most engaged (you’ll find a strong spike in likes, shares and comments during the most opportune time). Post jobs and other information around those hours in the day to ensure you’re getting in front of the most eyes.

You can’t wave a magic wand for more likes, comments and shares. But you can start gaining more of your network’s attention with these strategic posting tips. The next step is staying diligent. Post often and post a variety of information. Before long, your posts will start gaining the fan attention they deserve.

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