4 Effective Career Sites and Why They Work

4 Effective Career Sites and Why They Work

A well designed career site should go beyond just a simple jobs list. But we’ve all seen it before. You enter a breathtaking corporate site, only to be underwhelmed by their careers section.

Generic photos, uninspiring content and clunky job listings fill the space where most candidates will make their initial touch points.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

An effective career site should be a living, breathing extension of your employment brand. It should show candidates a true representation of your organization's work style. And it should help drive the right candidates to apply for your open positions.

We believe there are four important factors when it comes to creating an effective career site:

  1. Strong message delivery
  2. Engaging visuals
  3. Inspiring content
  4. Emotional connection

When each piece is successfully integrated into a career site, it creates a powerful tool for your recruiting by getting the right people to apply for your jobs.

To show you examples and get you inspired, we’ve put together a list with a few of our favorite career sites. These organizations have put the time and effort into building a online recruiting hub that effectively targets their ideal applicants and drives the right candidates to apply.

1. Pediatric Associates

Pediatric Associates uses its career site to target compassionate candidates in the pediatric field.

Strong Message Delivery: Pediatric Associates uses every facet of its career site to showcase the practice’s overall mission, which is to serve the children of their communities and provide employees with a rewarding work environment. From images of physicians helping patients to inspiring employee testimonials, Pediatric Associates clearly communicates the importance they place on patient and employee satisfaction.

Engaging Visuals: A robust video library helps interested candidates learn more about the Pediatric Associates culture and what day to day life at the workplace looks like. By leveraging video, the practice can clearly communicate to candidates in a succinct amount of time.

Inspiring Content: By sharing the practice’s rich history and bright future, the practice can effectively target candidates who are looking for a stable employer, where they can serve others and help a company continue to grow.

Emotional Connection: Pediatric Associates' mission to provide the best care for their child patients helps resonate with those candidates who are passionate about the pediatric field.

2. Kickstarter

Kickstarter integrates as many engaging visuals as possible to help candidates get a clear picture of what it's like to work there.

Strong Message Delivery: Kickstarter does a great job communicating its bigger goal: To help bring creative projects to life. The idea of "contributing to something greater than yourself" is incorporated into every piece of copy. This allows Kickstarter to target candidates who are passionate about making an impact.

Engaging Visuals: Kickstarter uses video to showcases their culture by sharing the team’s most celebratory moments on film. This allows candidates to see how their dynamic team interacts. Plus - there is really nothing cooler than their Team page. It’s lively, engaging and gives job seekers an opportunity to see what kind of personalities work there.

Inspiring Content: Light copy makes the space feel airy, but still provides a comprehensive overview of what it means to work at Kickstarter. Candidates learn that small teams with lofty goals are the foundation for their work style.

Emotional Connection: Kickstarter’s altruistic message of "helping others achieve greatness" assists the organization in attracting candidates who are genuinely passionate about helping others. This allows the company to recruit and hire people who align with their company values.

3. Shopify Careers

Shopify’s career site is bright and inviting. We love the play on numbers to show what matters to their team. Working in small teams, unwinding with a quick game of pinball, and apparently having a beer or two.

Strong Message Delivery: In every piece of content, from video to copy, candidates learn how Shopify is different. You'll quickly learn that Shopify cares about its employees' personal growth, health, creative freedom, and much more.

Engaging Visuals: Right off the bat, Shopify gives potential candidates easy access to videos that clearly show what life is like at their organization. A large graphic displaying their benefits and perks shows job seekers what they could receive as potential employees. This is a great selling point past compensation.

Inspiring Content: Shopify uses a clever approach to getting candidates apply. They flat out tell them! "Found a role you're excited about? Apply today." These statements help incite action from their viewers.

Emotional Connection: Shopify does a great job communicating that they value exceptional people as employees. Statements like “We care about growing great people” and “We hope you'll love it here, but we also know it's not all about work” resonates with those prospective candidates who are confident with their skills and inspires them to apply.

4. Hybris Endurance Crew

Hybris uses its career site to showcase a unique company culture that focuses on employing endurance athletes.

Strong Message Delivery: Hybris is pretty straightforward when it comes to its message. They are clearly looking to attract high performance athletes to join their team. To attract those kind of candidates, they provide employees with an environment that caters to an athlete’s needs.

Engaging Visuals: When you first enter the site, you're greeted with a large, colorful image that sums up the Hybris story: “If you’re an IT professional and love endurance sports, we want you to join us.”

We also love the fun cartoon graphic of their office. It showcases the unique perks Hybris employees receive, which includes an in-office gym and training services.

Inspiring Content: Every piece of content is catered to speak to endurance athletes. From their values to schedule overview, Hybris makes sure their ideal candidates feel connected to the copy.

Emotional Connection: Because Hybris is trying to recruit such a niche group of candidates, they have the advantage of communicating to one, distinct audience. This allows Hybris to make strong connections with endurance athletes by sharing common experiences. Like complex scheduling, intense training regimens, and the passion to stay dedicated to whatever goals set.

Get Inspired

An effective career site allows your company to build the robust employment branding it needs to differentiate itself as an employer of choice. Investing in a more effective career site can help your organization grow by targeting, attracting and getting the right candidates to apply. Don’t let your ideal candidates pass you by. Use this list to get inspired and improve your career site today.

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