3 Ways to Proactively Source Candidates [SlideShare]

3 Ways to Proactively Source Candidates [SlideShare]

Are you struggling to find great candidates?

It may be the resources you use, especially if you're only relying on tools like job ads, employee referrals or career fairs. While these mediums are great for recruiting talent, they do require you to wait around—in hopes that the right candidates will come to you.

Being reactive is not your only option. You can also take proactive steps to find better candidates faster, build a talent pipeline and improve your quality of hire. When you use sourcing tools like Boolean, job boards and social media, you're no longer forced to "post and pray." You can take the initiative to identify the best talent.

Unfortunately, the wide array of information available on sourcing tactics can be overwhelming. That's why we've put together a basic guide to help you get acquainted with the world of sourcing.

Flip through the SlideShare below to discover key sourcing tools that will empower you to proactively recruit candidates:

3 Sourcing Techniques You Can Use Today from Recruiting.com

See? Sourcing candidates isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In reality, you just need the right tools. Before you know it, your candidate pool will be overflowing with quality talent.As you find and connect with new candidates, be sure to create and maintain an organized database of your prospects. This database will serve as your talent community, which can be extremely valuable in helping you fill positions quickly. To learn more about how a talent community and how to create one, read Why Your Recruiting Needs a Talent Community.

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