3 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like pretty much like an online resume that’s available at all hours for anyone to see. And let there be no doubts, the first thing someone does after meeting you is pop your name into Google. Among those results will be your LinkedIn profile, so you want make sure it’s always looking it’s best. Here are 3 quick tips to improving your profile's first impression.

1. Add a professional picture

Nothing turns off users more than the ambiguous grey figure that takes place when you don’t add a picture. Make sure it’s professional and don’t forget to smile.

2. List only relevant experience

Condense your professional experience to make it easy for viewers to understand where you ultimately want to be. Eliminate any opportunities that have no bearing in your ultimate career goals.

3. Ask for recommendations

People are more likely to give if they receive, so offer coworkers an exchange in recommendations. The referral will help validate your skills and experience.

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