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6 Acts of Appreciation That Boost Apply Rates

Candidate Experience Recruiting Strategy

Making your job applicants feel appreciated can be incredibly rewarding, and not just because it’s the right thing to do. Appreciating your applicants is valuable also because it benefits both your business and recruiting results.

When your applicants feel appreciated, they view your company in a more positive light and become more interested in working for you. Even if they don’t get the job they initially applied for, their positive experience with your organization will make them more likely to apply to your future positions. They may also write a positive company review or encourage their peers to apply to your jobs, which will increase your referrals and apply rates.

To reap these benefits and more, show your applicants that you appreciate them. Here are six ways you can accomplish this:

1. Be Flexible and Considerate

Job seekers have life responsibilities just like the rest of us, and many of them are still employed. Due to these previous commitments, they often have limited availability. So when you are scheduling interviews with applicants, be accommodating and respectful by giving them a few different time slots to choose from. If necessary, be willing to meet with candidates before or after normal work hours too. Finally, if the candidate needs to reschedule last minute, understand that emergencies come up and decide on a better time. Being flexible will pleasantly surprise your applicants and increase their engagement in the recruiting process.

2. Prepare Them For The First Interview

Anyone who has ever searched for a job knows that interviews are usually stressful and intimidating. Relieve some of this anxiety for your applicants by helping them feel prepared. You can accomplish this by giving candidates detailed instructions about the interview–including how to get to your workplace and who to ask for when they arrive. Letting them know how to dress, what to bring, and how long the interview should take is also appreciated. By setting your candidates up for success, you can foster a reputation for being a supportive and thoughtful employer–the type of company most people want to work for.

3. Communicate Next Steps

When you leave candidates wondering what’s going to happen next, they may become disengaged or feel unappreciated. To avoid this outcome, communicate with your applicants as much as possible. For starters, explain your recruiting process to them as soon as they apply. Let them know how many interviews they can expect, how long your recruiting process normally takes, and what assessments or tests are involved (if any). After each interview takes place, also give applicants an idea of when they will hear from you again. If you know the candidate isn’t the right fit for the job, be honest with them. Your candidates will appreciate your transparency and trust you more in return.

4. Ask For Feedback

Throughout each stage of your recruiting process, gauge your applicants' interest in the position and ask them if they have any feedback about your candidate experience. Giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts will show that you value and appreciate their opinions. Asking for feedback can also reveal ways to improve your candidate experience and recruiting process, so this is an easy win-win. You can ask candidates for feedback in person or email them a post-interview survey. Be sure to ask specific questions that will provide you with valuable insight, such as, “What did you appreciate most about our recruiting process?”

5. Stay in Touch

If you have established a pipeline of qualified talent, don’t forget to occasionally reach out to those who are part of it. In addition to keeping your company and jobs top of mind, doing so will show these job seekers that you still value them as potential future employees. Simply asking them how their professional work life is going works just fine, but sharing industry news or articles that will interest them is even more valuable. And of course, let them know when relevant jobs become available at your organization. If you treat them like a VIP, they will think of you first when they’re ready and able to make a career change.

6. Say Thank You

Above all else, remember to say the words “thank you” to your candidates throughout your recruiting process. This should go without saying, but it’s a powerful expression of appreciation that can’t be forgotten. Thank your job seekers for applying, for coming in for interviews, and even for responding to your calls or emails. By regularly saying thank you, your applicants will understand that your company is respectful toward others. They will view your company as a great place to work as a result, and they will be more likely to tell their friends about you.

However you choose to show your appreciation for job applicants, just make sure that you do so in a genuine way. Automated emails that say “Thank you” are better than nothing, but remember that a personal touch goes a long way. So customize your communication whenever possible, and always be sincere, because your job seekers deserve it. They are investing their personal time and energy into your recruiting process, and they make it possible for you to fill your open jobs. Needless to say, they probably can’t be thanked enough.

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