Writing Effective Job Postings [SlideShare]


An online job posting is much more than just a platform to advertise your open positions. It’s also a sales opportunity.

Think of your job opportunity as the product, and the candidate as your customer—why should they purchase your product?

Position titles, company descriptions and word choice can all affect a candidate’s perception of your company and ultimately their decision to apply. Don’t let top performers slip through your fingers by missing the mark in your job postings.

Below is a quick summary of critical components that go into an effective job posting. Click the linked titles if you’re interested in learning more information about each component.

Dissecting the Job Posting

Job Titles
A position title is the initial thing your prospective candidates will see when searching for a job. Catch their attention by strategically naming your positions in a way that attracts the right candidates for the opportunity.

Job Description & Skills
This section is essentially a snapshot of what the job entails. Use the job description as a way to help candidates better determine whether they are a good fit for the position.

Company Description & Benefits 
When you have the option to explain why candidates should work for you, it’s critical to effectively communicate your employee value proposition and sell your opportunity. 

Optimizing Your Ads
Because the majority of job seekers begin their searches on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, understanding how to optimize your ads for better search-ability is a vital step in writing effective job postings. 

Having the skills to create a compelling job ad is critical for targeting and engaging the right audience. Once you attain these skills, you can drive more qualified candidates to your open positions. Now that you’ve improved your job postings, check out 6 Ways to Craft Better Employment Content.